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Execute safe and secure blockchain transactions

  • Protect yourself from non-delivery. Secure your payment. Whether you’re a provider or a client, our escrow service offers protection and peace of mind.
  • Resolve disputes with decentralized arbitration
  • Service is live on the Ethereum mainnet
Agree on a deal with a seller
Send your payment to BANKEX Escrow
Confirm that you have received the agreed-upon product or service
Provider receives payment from the Escrow smart contract

Risk-free prepayment

Transfer funds without worrying whether you’re dealing with a dishonest provider. Use Digital Deal to make sure that your counterparty doesn’t disappear after receiving payment. Set up the deal and put the funds in Escrow. Our smart contracts take care of the rest.

A simple way to test your counterparty

See whether your counterparty is trustworthy - ask them to use Digital Deal. If they refuse, you might have reason to think twice.

To protect your interests, conduct your business with
BANKEX Digital Deal
Use cases

Purchasing goods and services from strangers

Buying from providers you don’t know is a lot safer when you can use a Smart Contract as your intermediary. You don’t have to reveal your identity or know the identity your counterparty — BANKEX Digital Deal can guarantee a safe transaction.

Dispute resolution in deals with financial stakes

Transactions don’t always conclude smoothly — deadlines are missed, product quality is below expectations, a counterparty stops communicating. When you need to take back your payment, use decentralized arbitration. Impartial arbiters will examine your case and get your funds back.

Partial payment by agreement

Let’s say you ordered a ring with ten diamonds for 10 ETH from a master jeweler. When the ring arrives, it turns out to only have nine diamons, but it looks even better this way. The jeweler offers you a 1 ETH discount. BANKEX Digital Deal lets you get part of your payment back by agreement with your counterparty.

How it worksBANKEX has developed the 3 key components of safe business in a decentralized financial community

Deals are signed using the BANKEX Trust API

Smart contract details of Trust

Deposit of deal amount and transfer of payment after deal completion is handled through an Escrow smart contract.

Smart contract details of Escrow
Decentralized arbitration

Dispute resolution for deals is handled using a distributed arbitration service on the blockchain: BANKEX Smart Justice

Smart contract details of Smart Justice
Blockchain Scanner

BANKEX Scan lets you track transactions during the deal execution process.

More info
BANKEX Digital Deal removes the major obstacles to conducting business on the blockchain by providing
  • Safe transactions
  • Guaranteed delivery of goods/services
  • Impartial dispute resolution
Help rid the blockchain of fraud and
bad faith actorsUse BANKEX Digital Deal smart contracts as intermediaries in your business transactions